New Food Comes to Garrison

Made by Evan Baker

Coming to Garrison this fall there will be a brand new Mexican restaurant.This restaurant already has three other locations open in north dakota including Minot, Bismarck and in Hazen. The name of the new restaurant is Mi Mexico.This restaurant is a four star restaurant that serves traditional Mexican Meals.

There has been lots of feedback from the community. We interviewed Several people, here's what they said. John Jingle says Im very excited for this new restaurant, because Mexican Food is my favorite Food! According to Joseph James This new restaurant is pointless. We already have over Ten eating establishments in the Garrison area.

Lastley word from the restaurant owner Jackson Small Im very excited for the new instalment of my restaurant franchise here in Garrison. I'm also very confident that the community of garrison will love my restaurant's traditional Mexican food. And make sure to swing by and try a bite!